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boating crashes

Boat operators have a duty to protect riders on their boats as well as other boaters sharing the water. Following local, state, and federal requirements, monitoring current and future weather conditions, safe cruising speeds, and avoiding hazards reduce the risk of boating accidents. As with automobile crashes, accidents can result in property damage, physical injury, and loss of life. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, in partnership with the United States Coast Guard, in 2021, an estimated 4,439 boating accidents occurred involving 2,641 injuries and 658 fatalities, resulting in approximately $67.5 million in property damage. Alcohol use, operator inattention and experience, machinery failure, and speed were identified as the key accident contributors.

  • Grounding, striking an object beneath the boat, such as reef, rocks, or piling
  • Capsizing, sinking, flooding
  • Collision with another watercraft or object
  • Mishap involving water-skiing or towable device (i.e., “tubing” or wakeboarding)
  • Falling overboard or ejected from the boat
  • Person struck by a propeller or machinery
  • Electrocution or carbon monoxide exposure